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Post workout Balinese breakfast

I just had a morning workout on empty stomach. I did a little bit of yoga as warm-up and then some triceps dips, biceps curls, push-ups and finished with a plank.

The breakfast I had as a post workout meal follows.

Veggie omelette – proteins, vitamins and fibers
Fruit juice – simple sugars, vitamins
Papaya and pineapple – enzymes
Oatmeal porridge – complex carbohydrates and fibers
Cinnamon – helps with the insulin response

After workout some proteins as and carbohydrates are a must, even if the goal is to lose weight.

The omelette provides the much needed proteins to aid with muscle recovery. The papaya and pineapple contain proteolytic enzymes which aid with the breakdown of the proteins. The fruit juice provides some simple sugars to trigger the insulin and start the recovery. The cinnamon maximizes this effect. The oatmeal provides complex carbs to replenish the muscle and liver glucose reserves.

Eventually I ate all the fruits, including the watermelon and banana, and saved the Balinese sweets (shredded coconut meat inside) for later. I did not eat the toast.

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