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Bangkok and a bunch of bananas

It is my first day in Bangkok. OMG, it is so hot! 34 degrees Celsius.

I woke up this morning very tired, not in the mood for doing anything. I had a quick shower to energize myself and trying to convince myself that I can defeat the outside heat.

Walking on the streets of Bangkok I stopped to buy some local sweets. The lady selling them gave me extra sweets as a gift. Few minutes later we stopped to buy some coconut water. I was not a big fan of coconut water but staying in Bali made me fall in love with it. On the way back to the hostel, my stomach kindly reminded me that it is time to eat something.

Hmmm, maybe some fresh fruits. Yeah, let’s grab some fruits! Suddenly,  I saw a place where people were selling local food and guess what? They had a bunch of bananas. I asked for bananas, the universe gave me bananas. For free ! Either I am too cute, or local people are very kind. I feel blessed to meet .

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