Doing the laundry in Bali

I have just picked up my clothes from the laundry. I am so happy because, to be honest, I don’t really enjoy doing the ironing which comes after.

Washing our clothes to the laundry makes our life so much easier. In Bali you will find at every corner a place to wash, dry, iron and fold your clothes. It is not expensive. Of course it depends on the area where you are staying. If you are in a touristic place, for example Ubud, then expect the price to be higher.

So,  you have two choices: wash per kilogram or per item. We prefer the first option because it is cheaper overall. One kilogram costs around IDR 15.000, while one item starts from IDR 2.000. But, remember, in Bali you can negotiate everything.

I love the smell of the freshly washed clothes! Each time is different and holds on for a few days.

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