Going to the spa in Bali

Before leaving for Bali the first time, in December, some friends of mine (Cristina and Andrei) made me a must to-do list in Bali. At the top was getting a Balinese massage.  I remember Andrei talking very enthusiastic about it. It was enough to look at his face and see his expression to become convinced to try the Balinese massage.

When I first tried it, in January, I really fell in love with it, no doubts these people have magic hands.

For one month I introduced in my daily schedule one hour of massage, happy me. When it comes to taking care of myself, it was one of the most wonderful experiences I had. The package at my villa in Sidemen costs around USD 10 and it includes two hours of Balinese massage, body scrub and flower bath.

Currently I am in Ubud. I was eager to relive the divine moments I had experienced a few months ago. I had heard a lot of beautiful things about Karsa Spa and I wanted to made a reservation there, but it was fully booked for the next month.

Then I remembered that when I had arrived in Ubud a friend of us, Ana, told me about Tjampuhan Spa.

My experience at Tjampuhan Spa

Well, for sure it is a wonderful place to relax and recharge my batteries.

The Balinese massage, body scrub and flower bath were fantastic. One thing I have never tried before is putting yogurt on my entire body. It felt a little bit strange and smelled weird, too. But afterwards my skin was smooth as a baby’s bottom.

The lady who gave me the massage was very careful with my body and she constantly asked me whether it feels good or not.

If you are in Bali I highly recommend this place. Check out their website, they have many spa packages.

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