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How can I extend my vacation (visa) in Bali?

First of all, if you have opted for a Free Visa when you arrived (and have not bought a Visa on Arrival for 35$), then you need to leave Indonesia after 30 days. The days of arrival and departure are included in this period.

If you have bought a Visa on Arrival as we did, then you can either hire a local agent to extend your visa for IDR 750.000, or you can extend it yourself. The process is easy and straight forward.

You will have to find the nearest Immigration Office to your accommodation and go there between the 16th and 23rd days of your current visa. Search for Kantor Immigrasi Kelas on Google Maps or check this map.

In total, you will go there three times. We went to the Immigration Office in Denpasar.

What you need

Your passport, a copy of your passport, a copy of your visa page, a copy of your departure ticket, the address and phone number of your accommodation and IDR 355.000 in cash.

Day one – The Application

Be there early, it opens at 8AM Monday to Thursday and at 9AM on Fridays. On weekends it is closed. In Denpasar, head to the entrance where all the motorbikes are parked, enter the building then turn right to reach the foreigners area.

Take an Application ticket (Axxx) from the stand-alone kiosk and wait in the room until your number is called and shown on the screen. Then, head to the counter. You will get a pink folder and some application forms. The officer will instruct you where to write your name, the accommodation address and phone number, the passport number and details and the reason for extending your visa. Skip the sponsorship part of the forms as it does not apply.

Fill the forms with black ink. You will find there black pens. Then take them back to the same counter along with your passport, copy of your passport, a copy of your visa page and a copy of your departure ticket. The officer will ask you to take a seat in the room and wait for your name to be called.

When you hear your name go the officer and take your receipt. On the receipt it is stated the date and hours when you need to return in order to have your photo and fingerprints taken. You may also use this receipt to pay the visa extension tax of IDR 355.000. There’s a mobile post office right outside of the office, in front of the entrance.

Day two – Photo and fingerprints

Some three days later you have to come back. Check on the receipt the number of the counter you need to go to, then head straight there once you are at the Immigration Office.

The officer will take your receipt and give you a ticket (Cxxx). Wait in the room for your turn, then head to the photo rooms located on the left.

The officer will ask you if you speak bahasa and why you want to extend your visa, while taking your photo and fingerprints really fast. Then he/she will put another stamp on your receipt stating the date and hours when you need to come back to pick up your passport.

Day three – Pick up your passport

We went there in the afternoon, as the hours on the receipt stated.

Once you arrive, head to the counter, give the officer the receipt, then take a seat in the room waiting for your name to be called. In a few minutes you will hear your name. Go to the counter, take your passport, check the visa page and sign in the register. You should have two visa stamps, the one you had received in the airport and the new one confirming that your visa was extended for another 30 days.

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