The Mango Lady story

In the past weeks I spent most of my time at the beach.

Everyday I saw this old lady walking all day long on the beach and carrying a box full of mangoes. I named her The Mango Lady.

She came several times to us, asking: do you want a mango? do you eat mango? My answer was no. I felt guilty and sorry for refusing her, but after a few seconds I was amazed by her reaction…. wait a second, she is smiling at me, she is saying „thank you” and she didn’t get upset for being refused. The interesting fact is that her box of mangoes weights around 10 kilos and she is so slim, but so strong.

Yesterday I said yes to her, we want mango! I have to admit that it was the most delicious mango I have ever eaten. She also gave me her warmest smile.

I have eaten several times mango in Bucharest bought from the supermarket and there is no place for comparison, the taste and the smell is total different.

Also, I have found that mangoes have a lot of benefits:

  • Help prevent cancer.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Improve digestions.
  • Improve memory.
  • Control blood pressure.

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