Kuala Lumpur

Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

We have spent five days in Kuala Lumpur, including our arrival and departure days. Here are my recommendations on what to do if you have available a similar amount of time.

1. Visit KLCC Park, take pictures with the Petronas Twin Towers and eat at Suria KLCC

I am a big fan of skyscrapers so the Petronas Twin Towers won me instantly, along with the other tall buildings around them. You will need a wide lens or new generation phone to be able to take pictures of them. Some people will try to sell you phone lens on the spot for $10, which is a ripoff. If you want to visit the Petronas sky bridge located at 170m above ground level, you can buy a ticket here.

In Suria KLCC you will find great food for only RM8.6 a big portion, but also  many luxurious Asian cuisine restaurants.

The KLCC Park is great, quiet and clean, a bit crowded with tourists.

2. Visit the KL Tower sky deck

Situated at 421 meters above ground level, the sky deck is the perfect place to take pictures of Kuala Lumpur. Beware that the tower has a limited capacity and many people want to go up so you better get there in the first half of the day and be prepared to wait a bit.

Buy here your ticket for the sky deck or for the observation deck, which is at „only” 276 meters above ground level.

3. Visit Aquaria KLCC

I am a fan of aquariums and I hope that you are, too. Aquaria KLCC has some nice marine life to show and some places to eat afterwards. You can buy a ticket on the spot and the admission is fast, despite being crowded sometimes. Kids love it. Check here the prices.

4. Head to Lowyat Plaza and buy the latest tech stuff

In Malaysia the tech stuff is very affordable. We bought a new camera and lens for very good prices, after we checked multiple shops and negotiated with the vendors. At Lowyat Plaza you will find everything you imagine in terms of technology, including the latest gadgets, phones, laptops and computer parts. We also sold our older camera and lens on the spot. Here are instructions how to get there.

5. Grab a bite at Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor is famous for street food, located near Bukit Bintang metro station and 10 minutes’ walk from Lowyat Plaza. We ate there a great combination of Indian and Malaysian dishes.

6. Visit Little India

Little India is a neighborhood located near KL Sentral station. You will need to walk around 15 minutes to get there, but it’s worth it. It’s a different world if you ask me. As its name says, it is a little part of India, in terms of people, food, music, clothing and culture.

Then you can walk around Brickfields and explore different neighborhoods. 

7. Visit the Batu Caves Hindu temple

While most of the people in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur are Muslim, the Batu Caves will show you a few things about the Hindu religion. The vibe there is great and the place is crowded with people, mostly Indians and tourists. To reach the main cave you will have to climb 272 steps.

You may get there by taking the KTM Komuter line all the way up to Batu Caves station.

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