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Things to know when you arrive in Bali

After landing, you will be concerned by three things: your visa and customs declaration, getting local currency and an internet sim card and finding transport to the hotel.


If you don’t have already a visa, you can either opt for a Visa on Arrival, or for a Free Visa.

The VoA costs 35$ and you need to buy it before presenting your passport to the immigration officers. There’s a kiosk in the center of the airport hall where the queues are formed. This visa is valid for 30 days and can be extended for another 30 days at any of the Immigration Offices for another 25$. Click here for the visa extension process.

The Free Visa does not cost you anything and it is issued when you present your passport. It is valid for 30 days, then you need to leave Indonesia. It can not be extended. Make sure your country (the country that issued your passport) is eligible for a free visa here.


After you get your visa, you will pass customs. You may be required to fill a customs declaration form and hand it to the airport staff, right before you have your cabin luggage scanned. 

Local currency – Rupiah

Afterwards, you will pick up your checked baggage and head out. You will see a few ATMs on the left which you may use to withdraw money. Some ATMs have a fixed fee per transaction (eg. IDR 20.000) and all of them have an upper limit of how much you may withdraw (eg. IDR 1.000.000 or IDR 2.500.000). Also, the ATMs have a sticker on them which points to the bills they give either IDR 50.000, or IDR 100.000. The latter are too large to be used on the street.

Internet SIM card

Right next to the ATMs you will see a kiosk selling internet SIM cards for IDR 250.000. I advise you not to buy it as you will find them at half price on the streets, at Oppo or local shops.


Then you are out and drivers will ask you whether you need transport or taxi. If you don’t have somebody waiting for you, then my advice is to take a local driver. It’s safe and you will learn something about Bali right away. You will need to negotiate the price. Ask the driver his price and then say lower than half of what he said. Then you can settle for half of the initial amount or a little bit more. This is the culture here, don’t take it personally and have fun. If you take a taxi, make sure it’s a Blue Bird taxi and that the meter is running.

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