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What brought me to Bali

I was born in Bucharest, Romania and I have been living there for the past twenty-eight years. I have a family, obviously. But lately I felt I did not belong to neither of them.

Then the idea of going to Bali popped up. I had been already thinking of going back to India, but many people around me kept suggesting going to Bali, some of them not knowing of my intention to leave the country. This idea was hitting me from multiple directions.

So I thought for a while. I asked myself: „what is keeping me here?”, „o I belong here?”, „what is out there?”, „what is out there for me?”.

Soon, I had the urge to go. I bought my one way ticket and from there on I prepared myself for this change. I sold, donated, threw away almost everything. Now I only have very few things at my mom’s house.

I left with a backpack.

After nearly two months in Bali, I now realize what it was all about. By leaving for Bali (could have been any other place, honestly, but Bali clicked for me), I underwent a process of realizing that wherever I am, I am (already) home. I answered my questions by putting in practice.

Some (actually many) questions can not be answered before hand. First comes the practical experience, then come the answers. 

To do this, I had faith and trusted that something „good” will come out of this. Now, obviously, I learned something. Now I can be and live wherever, regardless of the place, culture, environment. I am free. Of course, this understanding will deepen while continuing my journey through the world.

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