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What you can do in Bali with five dollars

Many people have asked me how is life in Bali, what is the cost of living on this magical island. 

To be honest it depends. You can spend a lot of money in Bali or you can choose the low-budget option.  Also, one important thing you should know about Bali is the fact that here almost everything is negotiable.

I thought it will be interesting to write about what you can do or buy with five US dollars in Bali.

If you choose to eat local food at Warungs, with only five dollars you can buy two or three meals, plus a Balinese coffee or tea. If you go to a fancy restaurant this amount of money would only buy you breakfast.

To discover the beauty of Bali you can do long walks or you can rent a scooter. To rent a scooter for one day you will pay around USD 5. The interesting fact is that with the same amount of money you can buy 10 liters of petrol.

In short, with five US dollars in Bali you can:

  • Wash five kilos of clothes at the laundry (have you read my article about laundry in Bali?).
  • Drink two cups of coffee at a fancy restaurant.
  • Eat one delicious pizza. If you are going to Ubud, please check out Warung Citta Ovest
  • Eat one or two salads.
  • Buy water for one week.
  • Buy five kilograms of bananas.
  • Drink five young coconuts or four fresh juices. 
  • Drink three small beers.
  • Drink one glass of wine.
  • Buy one beautiful dress. 
  • Have one hour of massage. 
  • Go to one yoga class.
  • Stay one night at a homestay. 
  • Cut your hair or trim your beard.
  • Buy one or two gigabytes of internet.

From my point of view, life in Bali is not so expensive, you have a lot of options to choose from.

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